The start of a new beginning.

So I'm pretty much convinced that there is something slightly wrong with my Broca's area*. No, it isn't severe damage, I'm sure. But if you have tried to hold a conversation with me before, you probably know of my tendencies to 1) talk too fast for my own good, causing me to 2) stutter, and 3) have a constant misuse of and unnecessary use of (?) vocabulary words.

*Broca's area is a section of the brain that is involved inlanguage processing, speech production, and comprehension.

According to Wikipedia (aka my best friend):

People suffering from damage to this area may show a condition called Broca's aphasia (sometimes known as expressive aphasia, motor aphasia, or nonfluent aphasia), which makes them unable to create grammatically-complex sentences: their speech is often described as telegraphic and contains little but content words. Patients are usually aware that they cannot speak properly. Comprehension in Broca's aphasia is relatively normal, although many studies have demonstrated that Broca's aphasics have trouble understanding certain kinds of syntactically complex sentences.

Am I right, or am I right? But then again, I most likely am overthinking this. And maybe, in reality, I'm just stupid (very big possibility)-- but I'm not just willing to admit it, haha! :-P

So I talked to Mr. Wang about this, and he said the only way to get "checked" for damage to the Broca's area was to get an MRI. Last time I got one was years ago, so it's probably beneficial to get one again soon. Thus, when I told my mother that I wanted an MRI for Christmas, she was somewhat .... (insert word here meaning FrazzledSurprisedAmused). Actually, scratch that. Frazzle, according to wordnet.princeton.edu, means "a state of extreme exhaustion". No, not the word I was looking for. (Don't you love this stream of consciousness?) Was I serious in asking for an MRI? Somewhat, maybe, yes. Meh, kindof.

I'm not really sure why I am posting all of this up.

Why have I started blogging again? (Last time I blogged was on Xanga when I was like.. 12). So when I was talking to Katrina about this Broca's dilemma yesterday, she suggested to start blogging to help with my comprehension and stream of thought of some sort. And because she is an English-speaking prowess, here I am, taking her suggestion! Sorry, I'm aware that this post was really lame, but I'm known to be full of quirky cool facts and/or Youtube links -- so I'm sure I will have something cool to post once in a while.

Oh, and a little plug for a big cause (click on image to play):

EDIT 10 minutes after posting:
michaelmckenzie: you're over-reacting
michaelmckenzie: save your money
michaelmckenzie: don't get an mri =)
michaelmckenzie: you hypochondriac.
Pepgrrl: i want to delete that post
michaelmckenzie: no!
michaelmckenzie: it's cute though
michaelmckenzie: =)

Yes, I know I'm overreacting. It's what I do best. Please, don't take this post too seriously.